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Working with schools and colleges in Rotherham and across the UK, enterprise is being harnessed as a legitimate vehicle for learning and helping young people develop the skills and qualities they need to face the future with confidence.

Rotherham Ready, and the national social enterprise Ready Unlimited, are committed to creating education that is fit for the 21st Century.

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Latest News: Rotherham Ready Official Partner of GEW

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week is running from Monday 17th November to Sunday 23rd November with the theme of “Get Connected”.
Both Rotherham Ready and Rotherham Youth Enterprise are running events that connect young people to the who, when and how of being an enterprising employee or budding entrepreneur.

Doing the Biz Team Challenge 2014

Students aged between 16-19 studying Art & Design/ Fashion, Business and Enterprise in Rotherham schools and colleges have been tasked by Rotherham Youth Enterprise with the Biz Challenge. They will design an image (s) that can be printed on to a T-shirt, prepare a business plan that outlines theirs ideas for running a T-shirt design business and make a short presentation to a panel of judges from business and enterprise across Rotherham. Young people are busy working on the challenge and the judges look forward to hearing their ideas on Wednesday 19th November.

The Local Employment Advisory Forum (LEAF event) 

Building on the success of last year’s Local Employment Advisory Skills day, MEAR’s and RMBC have agreed to host a similar day which will be held on Monday 17th November 2014 at MAGNA in Rotherham.

The day is designed to give

  • Young people in education, schools and colleges, vital information they need when considering their future career choices, including employability skills and specific qualifications which business sectors might be looking for. (There will be up to 70 businesses present on the day and the Skills Bus from the AMRC will also be present)
  • Businesses the opportunity to speak to young people and job seekers about the employment opportunities they may have within their companies, and the employability skills and qualifications needed to access them. If they have live vacancies or apprenticeships they may also wish to speak with the attendees about their skills/experience/ qualifications and invite potential candidates to register their interest.
  • Job seekers the opportunity to help them make the right choices to successfully gain employment


The STEM challenge: SAFE LIVING: ‘Protecting People, Places, Animals/Insects or the Environment’

The Challenge is to plan and design a product or service that’s main purpose is to offer protection.

This project will connect schools and colleges with a business from a STEM related industry to work together on the challenge to design a product or service. They do not have to make a product at the end, but, will deliver a presentation that clearly shows how they have thought about  this and what would be made. They must also be able to plan and present ideas clearly to others. They  will come back and present their ideas to a panel of judges.

STEM is a growth area for the UK and there are some really exciting career prospects in this region. It is important that we make young people aware of these opportunities in order to avoid emerging skills gaps, particularly for girls.  As it is Women’s entrepreneurship day on Wednesday 19th November we are also pleased that 83% of our STEM mentors are female and will be supporting schools and colleges to be innovative for the STEM challenge.



Our very own enterprise theme tune!

A HUGE thanks goes out to the very enterprising staff and children at Thurcroft Infant School who have created and produced the very first enterprise theme tune to the sounds of ‘Wheels on the Bus’. Staff and children at the school work with the Foundation Enterprise Characters to introduce skills at a basic level and raise aspirations from Foundation to Year 2.

Watch the video above to see why enterprise is essential in every school and college around the world.