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Rotherham Ready & Warwick CEI

Rotherham Ready is working with The University of Warwick’s Centre for Education and Industry towards achieving the Excellence in Enterprise Education award for all schools and colleges.

The Centre for Education and Industry at the University of Warwick has been closely involved in reviewing and evaluating enterprise education since 1999.

The ‘Excellence in Enterprise Education Award’ has been designed particularly for those schools that have, or are interested in developing an ‘enterprise agenda’ within their schools.

The CEI has now produced support materials which will allow schools or colleges to measure the quality of its enterprise activity, subsequent to an application for the award.

CEI aims to make the application for the award as simple as possible, with a focus upon self-review and self-assessment. Assessment sheets allow a school to estimate an enterprise ‘score’ before making the submission. If this indicates a committed delivery of enterprise education themes, then a submission for the award may be made to CEI.

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