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News: Rotherham enterprise blueprint rolled out in Hull schools

Posted on: November 20th, 2008

An award winning enterprise project that has revolutionised teaching and learning across Rotherham has been launched in Hull.

The success of Rotherham Ready has meant it is now being used as a blueprint to engage schools across Yorkshire.

The project has been hailed for inspiring schools to create an enterprising culture and helping young people develop the skills they will need to succeed in the future.

And now the Rotherham Ready model, that was established four years ago with funding from Yorkshire Forward, is being launched in Humberside.

Hull Ready officially kicked-off at the city’s KC Stadium in an event, coinciding with National Enterprise Week, which included presentations from Rotherham schoolchildren influenced by the scheme as well as Paula Harmer, the north’s Enterprise Teacher of the Year from Thorpe Hesley Junior School.

Also present was Hull City FC’s Nick Barmby and Joe Lamplough, Abhimanu Kundasamy, the High Commissioner of Mauritius, and William Wilberforce, who spoke about the importance of global trading and the significance of enterprise education in schools.

Catherine Brentnall, Project Officer for Rotherham Ready, said:

“Enterprise is having an enormous impact across schools in Rotherham and we’re thrilled that its success is spreading to other areas around the region.

“We’ve had much interest in the Rotherham Ready scheme and we hope that Hull Ready is the first of many to be replicating our award winning formula for school children and young people across Yorkshire and the Humber and beyond.

“It is an extremely proud day for the businesses, teachers and young people in Rotherham whose vision, hard work and success has been recognised and acknowledged by the roll out of the project. “

Already, Hull Ready’s Make £5 Blossom project has seen 13 stores in the St Stephens Shopping Centre sign up to partner schools in the city.

Make £5 Blossom has been one of the major successes of Rotherham Ready and more than 2,500 pupils have taken part in this project where schools receive a £150 loan from a local business so they can set up their own ventures in school.

Mike Notarantonio, Project Officer for Hull Ready, said: “We’re excited by the prospect of what Hull Ready can mean for children and young people in Humberside.

“Rotherham Ready has changed the way we look at education and its impact is known far and wide. It’s testament to the people in Hull who have seen a successful, innovative scheme being delivered in schools in different region and have been quick to implement it here.

“We’ve got a terrific model on which to build our own successes and we look forward to getting out teeth into some of the projects that will now follow.”

Rotherham Ready, and now Hull Ready too, aim to equip every young person in the authority with enterprise skills and trains teachers to take a new approach in the classroom and deliver curriculum in a more enterprising way.

The project trains teachers and engages businesses in supporting schools to achieve the Warwick Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education. The University of Warwick sets the standard for enterprise education in the UK.

So far, more than 300 teachers have been trained, 80 schools have achieved the Warwick Award and 18,000 pupils have benefited from enterprise activity in Rotherham.

The project is unique in the strategic and comprehensive success it is having and has secured funding from the Young People’s Enterprise Forum (YPEF) to try and recreate its success across Yorkshire and the Humber.