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News: Come and work with us!

Posted on: August 1st, 2012

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has been successful in securing support from Nesta (the UK’s leading innovation charity) to create a community based approach to developing enterprise.

Building on the good work of Rotherham Ready, the borough’s award winning 4-19 enterprise programme, this work aims to build community capacity and develop sustainable models for the funding and delivery of enterprise provision.

In brief, the programme:

  • is a 1 year programme which will develop a new model for the design and delivery of enterprise provision within Learning Communities.
  • will tackle current weaknesses with transition and entitlement that undermine the aspirations of a 4-19 enterprise learning journey for all young people in Rotherham.
  • will harness untapped resources in the wider community.
  • will develop new models for the funding and delivery of  enterprise provision that are sustainable.
  • will involve 3 pilot Learning Communities and learning from these pilots will be collated in a tool kit and disseminated nationally.

A key element of this vision is to develop a new model for holistic, community based enterprise provision, co-produced with young people, business and the community.

The vision is that the responsibility for this is shared and owned through a community enterprise co-operative which serves the needs of students and the wider community, and benefits those who take part.

A key shift in this approach is from the council designing, leading and delivering enterprise provision, to schools, young people, business and communities co-designing and co-producing enterprise provision.

Rotherham is looking for an amazing person – The Creative Councils Co-ordinator – who will enable and facilitate this work.

 “Our vision for Creative Councils is that we develop a new model for community based enterprise provision that can be replicated nationally and transforms people’s lives.

“Our Creative Councils Co-ordinator will work within three communities to harness support from schools, business, the wider community and young people to co-design and deliver enterprise provision. For example, an allotment group might provide expertise to help schools and the community grow and sell produce as part of a joint enterprise venture. The role will be exciting, varied and challenging and provides an opportunity for someone to work at the leading edge of developing enterprise skills and culture.”

Please follow the link for more information: https://www.rotherham-jobsonline.co.uk/jobdetails.asp?jobid=15386