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News: Family Money Tree at Anston Brook Primary School

Posted on: February 6th, 2013

Students and their families at Anston Brook Primary School have recently undertaken the 6 week Family Money Tree programme created by Rotherham Ready in partnership with the RMBC Family Learning Team.

The Family Money Tree is a one of its kind, enterprising family learning programme which not only helps to bring parents and young people together, but also equips them with the skills, self-confidence and attitudes to be enterprising and entrepreneurial.

As a school committed to developing enterprise skills and entrepreneurial attitudes in their students, Anston Brook Primary took to the challenge with enthusiasm and over the course of the programme worked with 7 families to set up a Christmas decorations business.

With an initial loan of £95.24 from the school, the group carried out market research, planned their business, made their products and organised their time in order to see total sales leaving them with a clear profit of £90.

One participating parent /carer commented on their experience of the programme saying; “I really enjoyed this course, it opened my mind to things I thought I couldn’t do, now I know I can.”

Hayley Brown, RMBC Family Learning Tutor, said; “Delivering this course is always fun. The parents get to be really creative alongside their children and it’s amazing how the smallest idea can turn into viable business project. It’s also really nice to see parents and their children realise the whole range of skills they possess but don’t necessarily give themselves credit for.”

Next steps for Anston Brook are to see parents continue on to further learning and development courses and as a school, to continue developing enterprising skills and attitudes with the students.

For a full case study of Anston Brook’s Family Money Tree programme, click here; FMT Review Anston Brook Primary School