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Ready Hubs

The Vision

Ready Hubs will empower young people and communities to create a better social and economic future by transforming lives through enterprise.

What are the Hubs?

The Hubs are a range of people who can shape the way that young people learn about enterprise and also connect with it in the “real world”.  These people include:

  • Schools – this can include a range of different staff roles in the school
  • Parents and families
  • Volunteers
  • Local businesses
  • People who are a positive role model and want to support the Hubs

The Ready Hubs are based on school clusters (or Learning Communities) and are currently operating across four Learning Communities in Rotherham including; Clifton, Winterhill, Wingfield and the Faith Schools.  As such, Rotherham has four Ready Hubs at the moment that involve 30 schools from Early Years through to Secondary Schools with local Colleges and Universities also having an active role.

Members of the Hub (typically 2 per school) attend a three day training programme and regular meetings.  The emphasis for both of these elements is for colleagues from different schools and age ranges to work collaboratively to plan a consistent and progressive enterprise entitlement.  Alongside this, other partners such as parents can support the work of the Hubs by inputting on enterprise activity.  For example, they could receive training to deliver a Young Entrepreneurs Club in school or have skills and expertise that could support an enterprise project.  They and other partners such as businesses could also attend the Hub meetings to input on the development of enterprise education.

Another important element to the Hubs is that young people are directly involved in their development.  Alongside the Ready Hubs there are four Youth Ready Hubs with the same format but where young people from the different key stages and cluster schools work together to plan how enterprise education will be developed in the schools.

 Wingfield Youth Ready Hub (Year 5 -10)

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The Youth Ready Hub is planning together for the Youth Ready Hub magazine to share ideas and success about enterprise and other achievements across the school Hubs. The magazine will not only include ideas and input from the direct Hub members but also enable other young people from the Hub to share, plan and input.

A range of skills developed through enterprise here, including: team work, effective communication, positive attitude, leadership, organising and planning, product service and design, creativity and innovation.

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