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Champion Schools for Enterprise

Rotherham Ready works with a number of local schools who are committed to prioritising and developing enterprise education. These ‘Champion Schools for Enterprise’ work as a community of practice to; share their learning and development, critically challenge one another, host open network events to share best practice and contribute to the national evidence base supporting and pioneering an enterprising approach to teaching and learning.

A brief summary about each Champion School is provided below, including links to school websites for further information.

If you would like to visit a Rotherham Champion School, or have questions about how you may become a Champion School, please contact Rotherham Ready Coordinator, Kate Penney on kate.penney@rotherham.gov.uk or Rotherham MBC Enterprise Projects Manager, Jackie Frost on jackie.frost@rotherham.gov.uk



Herringthorpe Infant School Herringthorpe Infant Logo

We are an average sized infant school with six Key Stage 1 classes, with three F2 and one F1 class in EYFS. We were the first infant school to receive the Platinum Warwick Award for Excellence in Enterprise. Enterprise was highlighted as an outstanding feature of our curriculum by OFSTED in January 2009.

Enterprise is valued because it raises aspirations and develops the key skills for life through real, relevant and first hand experiences. For our school, it has become a vehicle for children to apply their skills and transfer their learning from knowing to understanding. Enterprise skills are made explicit and children are rewarded for using their independent skills both inside and outside of school.

A key strength of our enterprise work is the ability for children to identify and evaluate their enterprise capabilities, knowing their strengths and identifying the next steps.

At our school you will see children from the age of three engaged in an enterprise enriched curriculum. Each term, a skill is explored with the children so that they gain a deeper understanding of the elements within each skill. During this process the key skill is taught explicitly through an identified subject and implicitly through the wider curriculum. This is a cyclical process where skills are taught progressively and built upon using prior experiences.

From an early age children are given responsibilities to be independent and make decisions. The school council decide on charities and events that we will support for the coming year. Individuals and small groups are encouraged and supported to follow their own enterprising ideas.

Each term we have a whole school focus week to raise the profile of enterprise within the school community. We are also part of the Clifton Ready Hub which has enabled us to work more closely with schools in our locality on enterprise. This has also given the children and young people the opportunity to work across different age groups and take responsibility for events beyond their own school.

Being a Champion School for Enterprise, we like to take any opportunity to promote enterprise. In March 2012, we hosted a visit (along with other Champion schools) by the Duke of York. In April 2013 a Year 2 class were featured on BBC Breakfast TV, promoting risk taking (check out our website).

We don’t consider ourselves to know everything about enterprise, we simply like to champion the cause because we have seen the difference it can make.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with other schools to share our work and develop new ideas together.



St Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Herringthorpe Valley Road ST MARYS LOGO

We are an average sized Catholic primary school in Herringthorpe with a varied socio-economic and geographically diverse intake. In July 2013 we became an academy school. We have been involved with Rotherham Ready and developing enterprise in school for the past six years. It has become integral to the life of the school, helping to enrich the curriculum, bringing it to life and at the same time raising standards. In addition, having an enterprising approach has made teaching more exciting and rewarding for staff.

An enterprising culture is not only vital to the continued growth of the private but also the public and voluntary sectors. At St. Mary’s enterprising learning and teaching prepares our young people for the challenges of living in the twenty first century. It also nurtures creativity and a spirit of initiative within our pupils, raising their self-esteem and aspirations. It provides purposeful contexts for learning – our children readily tell us that enterprise makes learning fun.

Enterprise supports the philosophy and ethos of the school. It fulfils our mission to show faith in action by working with the local community, supporting charities, campaigning for social justice and valuing and protecting our world. It also enables us to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum as we embrace the arts / performance and pupils have many opportunities to develop communication and presentational skills. It is also present in our extra-curricular school activities e.g. running a jewellery boutique, working on the school allotment and participating in our Human Rights group. Although we have had changes in staffing, enterprise continues to be embedded in our school curriculum and ethos. We firmly believe enterprise is at the heart of education in the twenty first century and we continue to be enthusiastic advocates for enterprise!



Thorpe Hesley Junior SchoolTHJ

At Thorpe Hesley Junior School we are committed to providing our children with real life experiences, which develop critical life skills alongside high quality Maths, English and ICT. Our entire ethos is enterprising – our curriculum has Enterprise at its core and each term’s theme has an Enterprise ‘Hook’ at the end of it. The development of Enterprise skills is explicit in our school aims and forms the basis of everything from planning to our rewards system.

safari1 In addition to an ongoing enterprising approach to teaching and learning, we  regularly run specific projects such as Make £30 Snowball or The Great Thorpe  Hesley Bake Off. We take any opportunity to involve our parents and local  community in the learning we gain from our Enterprise embedded curriculum,  inviting them to events like the Thorpe Hesley Museum past, present and future, and  our Y3 Safari Park. To this end we have also successfully run an Enterprise based  Family Learning opportunity for the previous two years, this has been well attended  and well received by parents who want to know more about their child’s Enterprise  learning.

Our pupils are very proud of their curriculum and their learning and have spoken  about it at a variety of venues such as at the Rotherham Children’s Festival and to a  variety of audiences including Prince Andrew. They have used these platforms to  demonstrate their enthusiasm for, and understanding of, Enterprise skills.

Our Pupil Council and Young Entrepreneurs Club run on an Enterprise basis, with  members leading on projects in school including a Fruit Stall, Book Fair and Charity Fundraising events including Children in Need.

We are part of the Winterhill Community Enterprise Hub where we have an Adult Hub and a Pupil Hub where good practice is shared and projects are developed as a Learning Community.

We were awarded the Warwick University Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education in 2007, and followed this by becoming the Year in the life offirst Junior School to achieve the Platinum Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education in 2008. In 2009 we were awarded a Leading Aspect Award for creating enterprising pupils through a creative curriculum built upon Enterprise skills. In 2010 we were awarded the Creativity in the Curriculum Award and also the Quality Mark for Basic Skills.