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Business Engagement

“As local business people, we can’t moan about a lack of skilled employees without getting involved in their early development.”

Matthew Smith, MD – Dilectus


With the support of Rotherham Ready, local businesses are being given the chance to invest in the futures of young people – by getting involved with one of the innovative employer engagement programmes on offer.

Make £5 Blossom

The Make £5 Blossom programme brings together local schools and businesses who work together on a mini-enterprise venture in order to turn a profit.

An initial investment of just £150 is provided by the partner business to their school, which leads to a whole class of eager pupils developing business plans and launching an idea or product. After an initial meeting, each child will be given £5 and they have to make a profit – paying back their loan in full.

Pupils will decide what they sell, where they sell it and to whom, before checking the profits and presenting their final results.

Business investors will be invited to the presentations, where certificates are awarded for the most successful businesses, as well as the most innovative, creative and hard-working entrepreneurs. Students choose how to utilise their profit, whether this be purchasing resources for school, paying for special school activities or donating to charity. Some schools have seen over £1000 raised through just one 10-week Make £5 Blossom project!

Young Entrepreneurs Club

Having got the taste for entrepreneurial activity in school, developing a Young Entrepreneurs Club is the ideal way to sustain this kind of opportunity for students.  With a small loan from school, you will recruit students who have a keen interest in developing their entrepreneurial skill set and set them the challenge of turning their ‘start up fund’ into a larger profit. Entrepreneurs Club activities might include; organising and hosting school events, starting mini ventures, making and selling products to parents / the local community. The aim of the Club is that students will repay their loan to school and maintain Club activity and the development of their enterprise skills through a variety of on-going profit-making projects.

Nifty Fifty

Rotherham Ready has worked closely with the Rotherham Hospice to develop the ‘Make £5 Blossom’ business engagement model into a new programme which specifically supports the work of the Hospice.

Nifty Fifty brings together local businesses and schools, with the businesses loaning their partner school, £50 to start their enterprise project. Working together, schools and their business partners develop mini enterprises which they hope will turn a profit. At the end of the programme, businesses are repaid their £50 loan and all money raised is donated to the Hospice.

Past Nifty Fifty programmes have seen individual schools raise over £800 thanks to the entrepreneurial abilities of the students and the kindness of local businesses donating their time and expertise.

Contact Us

To maintain effective employer engagement, we need fresh and enthusiastic support from schools and local business people like you. So, if you would like to help a whole class practice their enterprise skills with a view to raising their career aspirations; please contact our Administration Officer, Amanda Evans on: 01709 380906 or email amanda.evans@rotherham.gov.uk