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News: Enterprise Education in Rotherham Praised

Posted on: August 16th, 2008

An inspirational project in Rotherham has become the first of its kind to undergo an Ofsted inspection.

Rotherham Ready, an Enterprise Education programme backed by £1.4 million of funding from Yorkshire Forward, involves all Rotherham schools and colleges and aims to engage all young people, aged four to 19, in developing enterprise skills.

Teachers from across the country know the feelings that come with inspections yet the group in Rotherham were ready to welcome HMI inspectors with open arms as five representatives made the visit to the town for a week long evaluation of the Rotherham Ready Project.

This is the first time an enterprise project has been evaluated in such a way.

Jackie Frost, Rotherham Ready Project Manager said:

“We were extremely proud of the schools who took part in this evaluation and opened their doors to the inspectors.

“We felt very privileged to be in a position to show such a variety of inspired, innovative work taking place across our borough.”

The report recognises the projects achievements in involving all students in enterprise education regardless of learning difficulties or disability. It also highlights the high status the project holds within Rotherham and beyond.

The project was also praised for successfully inspiring head teachers and teachers to get involved in enterprise education and in maintaining momentum in developing it in their schools and colleges.

“We are delighted by our Ofsted report which is a great recognition of all of the hard work that students and staff have continually put into making sure that Rotherham is leading the way when it comes to enterprise education.

“The report states that examples of good and outstanding practice were seen in the sample of institutions visited and that inspectors were impressed by the quality of some of the work in primary schools, these are areas of which we are extremely proud.”

Rotherham Ready has established ‘enterprise champions’ in 75 schools and colleges providing internal and external points of reference for developments and aiding the sharing of good practice.

We are extremely proud of all of our schools, teachers and pupils and the way that they have embraced enterprise education into their core and have now embedded this into their school ethos.”