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News: Rotherham students set a great example

Posted on: January 27th, 2009

Enterprising students from Rotherham have set the standard for young entrepreneurs across the country this month.

The students played host to two key figures in enterprise education from Hull, who were on the look out for inspiration for the recently launched ‘Hull Ready’ programme.

Hull Ready is an enterprise scheme, recently launched across Humberside, based on the success of Rotherham Ready – which has revolutionised teaching and learning across the borough.

Hannah Crookes, project officer for Hull Chamber of Commerce’s Young Chamber project and Mark Newton, a teacher and enterprise champion from Hull’s historic Trinity House School visited Oakwood Technology College and Wingfield Business and Enterprise College to see how the Young Chambers maintained enterprise best practice.

Young Chambers are already being established around Humberside as part of the Hull Ready programme, which aims to equip every young person in the authority with enterprise skills.

Catherine Brentnall, project officer at Rotherham Ready said:

“It was wonderful to welcome Laura and Mark to Rotherham. They’ve seen how well Rotherham Ready and the Young Chamber projects have worked here and they’ve taken inspiration.

“It’s fantastic to think that our model is being replicated in other areas of the country and it was great to show our visitors first hand how exciting enterprise can be.”

Rotherham Ready has provided funding for all of Rotherham’s secondary schools and colleges to launch Young Chamber organisations, as a way of helping young people learn and develop their business skills.

Members of the organisations get to manage a budget and can start up their own businesses in their school or organise fundraising events.

Hannah Crookes, Project Officer for Hull Chamber of Commerce’s Young Chamber project, said:

“Rotherham’s Young Chambers have a brilliant reputation and we want to come and see first-hand the work that young people are doing.”