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News: Blackburn School Pirate Week!

Posted on: March 16th, 2011

Report written by Blackburn Primary School Students.

In our school, a member of our office staff, Mrs Kerr, and a group of parents, organized a pirate week for our foundation children, up to Y4. They have been planning it for 6 weeks as part of the parent partnership enterprise scheme. Parents decided on a themed event and have been busy making plans. Their hard work and efforts has certainly been worth it! Activities included: Splat the rat, a raffle to win a pirate cake, making telescopes, making hats, Pirate Collages and higher or lower. Billy from Y1 said,

“My favourite game was splat the rat and making the telescopes.”

£350 overall profit was raised by selling buns and charging 25p for a raffle ticket to win the Pirate cake.