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News: North Lincolnshire Makes £5 Blossom!

Posted on: February 29th, 2012

Primary schools and businesses across North Lincolnshire have been working hard to transform just £5 into huge profits through the acclaimed Rotherham Ready, Make £5 Blossom scheme.

Facilitated by North Lincolnshire Council and sponsored by UK Steel Enterprise, 8 schools took part in the latest round of activity from October 2011 to February 2012.

Rotherham Ready staff led both the launch and closing events for the schools and were amazed at the overall £2,836.45 profit made by the collective of schools and their business partners.

North Lincolnshire Council said; “Make £5 Blossom develops links between schools and businesses and these are further strengthened as the businesses provide expert advice and help to the different groups of school children to guide them through the project. Exciting Make £5 Blossom activities have included making bubble bath, recipe cards and tasty treats along with many other innovative ideas.”

Each school taking part in the programme is committed to developing a culture of enterprise throughout school and this was demonstrated in the presentations given by children who were entrepreneurial, confident, articulate and passionate about their projects.

Cllr Keith Vickers, Mayor of North Lincolnshire, said: “This is a fun and valuable scheme that helps North Lincolnshire children develop their entrepreneurial flair. It also benefits teachers and helps local businesses forge links with our schools.”

Businesses supporting the schools were overwhelmed at the commitment and resilience of the students taking part, commenting that such positive results really underpin the need for enterprise in education to start at an early age.

Keith Williams, UK Steel Enterprise Ltd’s Regional Manager for Yorkshire, Humberside and the Midlands said; “If we are to encourage entrepreneurship and business start-ups then understanding how to identify and satisfy a market need is an important skill. An appreciation of what is required to start and run a business can provide youngsters with the confidence to do it themselves in the future and provides important life skills for any job.”

For more information about bringing Make £5 Blossom to your area, please contact Becky Mollart on Rebecca.mollart@rotherham.gov.uk