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News: Perfect Pitch!

Posted on: October 14th, 2013

Perfect Pitch!
Winterhill pupils from the Youth Ready Hub demonstrate enterprise skills with support from Darren Mcdool, Business Coach, from Rotherham Youth Enterprise.
The Youth Ready Hub has set up its own business, so that not only can pupils from Ready Hub schools be enterprising and entrepreneurial but also raise funds to support the plans they have to impact on all the schools in the Ready Hub and the wider community.
Following a successful day at the Enterprise Learning Market as part of the Rotherham Children’s Festival in July, members of the Youth Ready Hub are developing some of these ideas to raise more funds.
They are keen to gain support from wider organisations across Rotherham so are writing letters, contacting businesses and pitching their ideas to gain support.
Business Coach Darren Mcdool observed the pitches of the Youth Ready Hub members working across age phases to ask for raffle prizes from local organisations. He then gave them feedback on their performance before the pitches were filmed and sent on to local businesses. The Youth Ready Hub members also had to design a project plan where they had different roles including marketing and finance. For more information and to buy raffle tickets please visit http://www.winterhill.org.uk/page/?title=Enterprise&pid=80