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Creative Partnerships

Welcome to the Rotherham Ready Creative Partnerships project page! This page is dedicated to the work recently carried out by a range of students from Rotherham schools/colleges and some very supportive business partners who worked with us to create really innovative enterprise resources.

The aim of the project was to work with a range of schools from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 and engage local business people who would deliver workshops exploring The Big 13 enterprise concepts in a creative environment. The work which ensued was phenomenal! And so now, we bring exclusively to you a host of interactive, vibrant and engaging materials which will help you to embed enterprise skills in your classroom and school.

Choose a character below:


Praise Pod Pro Forma

Create a point of praise for students developing their enterprise skills/ behaviour.


Design Your Own Characters

Use these excercises to explore and develop an understanding of the 13 enterprise skills and create a resource that creatively illuminates all 13 skills individually.